What we CURRENTLY provide:

Physical Computer Cleaning

Is your computer loud? It is possible that there is dust and dirt built up in your fans. This can cause them to run harder than usual and result in loud noises. We will give your computer a full wipe down and cleaning to make sure that everything can run smoothly and look brand new.

Clean up

Is your computer running slower than usual? Has it been infected with a virus? We will take a look at your computer and remove any unused applications or programs that will decrease your computers startup time and improve overall speed. We will also run malware checks and remove anything foreign.

Computer Upgrades

Want a performance boost?
 Need more storage? We will replace your poorly preforming parts with upgraded components that are compatible with your system. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

Shooting and Repair

Having trouble starting up your computer? We will run tests to figure out what the cause of the issue is, and give you estimates of the cost to repair and or replace any bad components.